Citi Credit Card Prescription Discount Benefit Program

by Jason Steele on April 8, 2012

Credit card users often receive a variety of purchase protection and travel insurance as a benefit of their card membership. As these perks have proliferated, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish one card’s features from another’s. Yet Citi currently offers a rather unique benefit to holders of its Citi Business and Citi Professional cards, a prescription drug discount program. For example, cardholders of the American Airlines AAdvantage cards, AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card, and CitiBusiness World MasterCard should all receive their prescription drug discount cards in the mail within 6-8 weeks of receiving their card.

How The Citi Prescription Discount Benefit ProgramWorks

Holders of the aformentioned Citi credit cards will receive discount cards in the mail that can be used at over 60,000 pharmacies around the United States. There is no need to register for this program, and there are no additional costs. The discount program is not an insurance program; it is merely a card member benefit that offers a reduced price for many common prescription medications.

When card members visit the pharmacy, they must present the discount card they received in the mail, not the credit card that offers the benefit. If the customer wishes, drug prices can be checked online at the following web site:

Additionally, employers can offer this benefit to non-cardholders for a cost of $10 a year per person. Furthermore, the company that offers this program, Discount Medical Plan Organization, also offers dental and vision discount programs for purchase at only $8.95 per month.

Features of This Plan

The Prescription drug plan offers savings of 10%-85% off of the retail price of many prescription drugs. In practice, these savings are similar to those offered to members of many group health insurance plans. They offer a low price guarantee that claims to adjust their discounts to reflect any in-store promotions or discounts. They also offer a mail-order savings program on maintenance drugs that, for example, saves users and average of 10% over the prices offered to AARP members.

Who This Plan Makes Sense For

Although this is not an insurance program, many Americans who are uninsured can benefit from this discount plan. Even if the cardholder normally carries insurance, there are instances where there can be gaps in coverage when cardholders switch jobs. In fact, these gaps are not uncommon as health care coverage can be considered continuous even if there is a 60 period without coverage. Either way, having an additional, no cost, option to save money on prescription drugs can only be a benefit, albeit a unique one for a credit card.

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